This is the only company that can stop Facebook


Then, Cramer spoke with Anil Chakravarthy, the CEO of privately-held data management company Informatica.

Chakravarthy told Cramer on Thursday that even though Informatica helps integrate and bring data to companies including Amazon, Salesforce and Microsoft, it isn’t affected by competition.

“We partner very well with Salesforce, with Amazon, with Azure, with Google, so we partner really well with anybody who is in the analytics space. We don’t do that. We bring data to them,” the CEO said. “We like to call ourselves ‘from mainframe to the internet of things and everything in between,’ and that’s how agnostic we are.”

And as Amazon develops artificial intelligence for its voice-enabled devices, Informatica is working on a slightly different AI application of its own, Chakravarthy said.

“We use artificial intelligence to find what data you have where,” he told Cramer. “A lot of customers deal with so much data. They don’t even know basic answers to basic questions, like how many databases do I have? Where do I have customer data? What data is secure? And this is all over the place, in their own enterprises, in the cloud, and it’s growing every day. And AI is a great way of answering those basic questions.”

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