On Valentine’s Day, being in love will cost you

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Whether it’s coughing up $100 for a dozen roses, bigger bucks for a three-course dinner and really big bucks for a diamond engagement ring, there’s no shortage of expensive Valentine’s Day offerings for those in love. But being single is no steal either.

For most of the year, there are many financial advantages to being in a relationship, from staying in instead of going out to splitting the rent and Netflix tab.

“You’re probably more likely to spend time at home than someone who is single and seeking,” said Lindsay Sakraida, the director of content marketing for shopping site DealNews.

“Couples tend to save money on everyday purchases whereas single people have much higher social costs,” said Alexa von Tobel, a certified financial planner and CEO of financial planning site LearnVest. Including gym memberships, haircuts and clothing, “being single is expensive,” she said.

All that changes on Feb. 14. “Valentine’s Day is the one day a year where being single is probably cheaper,” according to Sakraida. “Not all couples adhere to the traditions of Valentine’s Day, but for almost all single people, it’s just any other day.”

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