Strategies for surviving the volatile stock market

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Here’s what you shouldn’t do during stock market volatility

While precipitous market swings may put the Dow Jones industrial average in correction territory, financial experts say these kinds of moves are the sign of a healthy market. Pause before you panic and evaluate your short- and long-term goals.

Advisors say stay the course amid market swings
Even if the sell-off in the stock market makes you nervous, now isn’t the time for panic-driven shifts in your investment strategy. Members of the CNBC Digital Financial Advisor Council say it’s a good time to evaluate your asset allocation and rebalance your portfolio as necessary.

What millennials should keep in mind amid market volatility

The market sell-off may have given millennials flashbacks to a formative experience: The Great Recession. The drop in stock prices should serve as reminder to millennials that money you need soon should not be in stocks. If you’re in for the long term, it’s a different story.

The number of 401(k) millionaires hits new high

With each passing day of stock market volatility, retirement savers have more to lose — a lot more. The number of Fidelity 401(k) savings accounts with a balance of $1 million or more jumped to a record 150,000 in the fourth quarter, up from 93,000 a year earlier.

— CNBC’s Jessica Dickler, Sharon Epperson, Kelli B. Grant, Lorie Konish, Darla Mercado and Annie Nova contributed to stories in this report.

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