Your property taxes just jumped by more than 50 percent. Now what

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Finally, if you disagree with your municipality’s assessment on your home, you can contest the findings.

Get to know your city’s appeal’s process, which can be deadline sensitive and will vary from one town to the next.

Expect to gather evidence of your home’s market value, too.

You can hire an appraiser to provide your city’s tax assessor with reports and comparable property values to back up your findings, said Brigid D’Souza, a CPA and founder of Civic Parent, a website that follows property tax developments in Jersey City.

The national average cost of hiring an appraiser is about $329, according to HomeAdvisor, a home improvement website.

You can also hire an attorney on a contingency basis to represent you through the appeals process, which typically costs one-third to one-half of your first year’s tax savings, D’Souza said.

While a licensed realtor can’t give you an appraisal, he or she can provide you with comparative sales which can act as evidence of market value, said D’Souza.

“Comparables are best if you can say that this home is assessed at what yours should be, and you have similar square footage and features,” said Steffen. “But be careful: They could raise your neighbor’s taxes.”

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